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and I sang myself to sleep among the locust-trees

all shudder in complete set. all shudder in unison.

27 April 1985
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i'm a renegade architect i build with spiderwebs

yes yes thank you it is very nice
absurdity, acoustic design, architecture, archiving, art, art/life, articulation, beauty in absurdity, blatant contradictions, borders, charles ives, creation, cruel queens, danger, diametric oppositions, dichotomous construction, dimitri shostakovich, dirt, disquiet, edges, emphasis, enclosures, entrenchment, fractures, fragments, frames, framing, franz josef haydn, friedrich nietzsche, gears, gesturing, glittering crystallisations, graphic design, grit of the real, gustav mahler, harry partch, intractable positions, isolated events of beauty, johann sebastian bach, john cage, la reine margot, life, ludwig van beethoven, mechanics, mechanisms, motion design, motor oil, paradoxes, play, potential, racetracks, rapid oxidation, recalling, relativity, shards of meaning, shells, skirting danger, space compression, static electricity, steve reich, structures, subtlety, sunlight, sunsets, symphonies that surround, symphony no. 1, symphony no. 4, symphony no. 7, symphony no. 9, syntheses, synthesizers, synthetics, tension, the living act, the poetics of space, the soul, the space between thought, the space of appearance, time compression, time dilation, tom waits, unravelling, webs of diamond